September 1, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 15) – From the Editor


After serving the OLA community for three years as Hotline editor, April Witteveen has passed the job on to me.  Many thanks to April for making it a smooth transition.

The Hotline is a newsletter by, for and about the OLA community.  If you have news to share, send it to .   Although all relevant information is welcomed, for the next couple of months I would like pay particular attention to the people who make Oregon libraries great.  So, if you know of someone who OLA members should know or know better,  please send that information my way.   It might be yourself, a colleague, or perhaps someone new to your library who you would like to introduce.  It could be someone who’s taken on a new role, someone celebrating a milestone, or someone who has done something interesting that others need to know about.  If you have a photograph, send that, too.  Thanks!

Ann Scheppke
OLA Hotline Editor


August 15, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 14) – From the Editor

This is my last issue as OLA Hotline Editor.  Ann Scheppke from Salem Public Library will be taking the reins, beginning September 1.  It’s been a lot of fun sharing information with the OLA Community for the past couple of years.

-April Witteveen
Outgoing OLA Hotline Editor

February 1, 2009 (Vol. 15, No. 7) – From the Web Member Manager

*** Got OLA Hotline?
Hello all OLA Members!  I am just checking to make sure that everyone who wants to receive the OLA Hotline gets it.  If you did not receive the January 15, 2009 OLA Hotline, but would like to continue receiving the Hotline in your email, please email me at and I’ll will work on getting you signed up for it. Please make sure to:

  1. you are an OLA member (if you aren’t a member, join today:
  2. send me the email from the email address in which you wish to receive the Hotline
  3. add the subject heading “Not getting the OLA Hotline” – the email link above has this subject heading embedded in it.

Steph Miller, OLA Web Member Manager

October 15, 2008 (Vol. 14, No. 24) – Message from OLA Web Manager

*** Not Getting Your OLA Hotline?
Let me begin with apologizing for running late with getting this issue of the OLA Hotline out – before I knew it, it was October 18th!  Where did the summer go?!?

Secondly, I am sending this out to all OLA members who receive mass emails not just those signed up for the OLA Hotline, because of the following issue…

I have had some reports that OLA members believe they are signed up to receive the Hotline, but it hasn’t been showing up in their email.  I have checked with MemberClicks, the software company for OLA, but they aren’t detecting any issues on their end.  I’m hoping you will help me solve this issue.

In order to receive the Hotline in your email, the following items need to be in place:

  • You are an OLA member in good standing.  Not sure about your membership?  Drop me an email at
  • Your OLA profile allows you to receive Hotline and mass email.
    To log into your OLA profile:
    -Select Login in the upper right hand corner of
    Enter your OLA username and password (If your not sure what these are, click Forgot your password? on this screen.  If this doesn’t work, contact me at
    -Once logged in, select My Profilein the left hand menu
  • To edit your profile & sign up for Hotline
    Select Edit (there’s a pencil in front of this link) – you are now on the Profile screen (you’ll notice that the Profile tab is yellow)
    Scroll down to Email address for Elists (this is the email account that the Hotline will go to – edit if you wish)
    Under Elists Offered, make certain that OLA Hotline is selected (to make multiple selections, hold the Ctrl key)
    Scroll down and select Save
  • To receive mass emails from OLA
    -Select Edit again
    -Select the My Contact Preferences tab
    -Under Contact Preference, click the radio button for I want to receive emails sent to multiple recipients.
    -Scroll down and select Save
  • The email account noted under “email address” for ELists in your OLA profile needs to allow mass emails from
    Make certain that your email account allow mass emails from the domain
    Check your spam filter/junk folder for emails from
    Check with your IT department to see if they these emails are being blocked (either because this email goes out to a mass audience and/or because it is coming from, or for some other reason)

After checking on all these items, if you still don’t receive the OLA Hotline (it usually comes out around the 1st and 15th of each month), please contact me at and I will try to get to the bottom of this. If you know of someone running into this difficulty, please forward this Hotline to them.

Steph Miller, OLA Web Member Manager,

September 1, 2007 (Vol. 13, no. 21) – From the Editor

It’s back to school time again! And not just for students, but for those of us in libraries too. Read about a fun library training program that Deschutes Public Library has implemented in the Cool Ideas section. Also, be sure to check out several of the conference and training options covered in this edition of the Hotline. Just a reminder, the Hotline is now available as a blog. Visit it at

OLA Hotline Editors

OLA News
Happenings Around the State
Cool Ideas

August 15, 2007 (Volume 13, no. 20) – From the Editor

The Hotline will begin a new feature section this edition called “Cool Ideas.” This section will feature new technologies, innovative ideas, or new tools Oregon librarians are trying out. Check out this new section and feel free to pass cool ideas of your own on to Hannah Gascho Rempel at

One “cool idea” we are trying here at the Hotline is to post the Hotline News in another format. For those of you who prefer to read your news on a blog, receive news updates via RSS feed, and respond to news items in a comments section, please navigate on over to and let us know what you think.

OLA News Happenings Around the State Cool Ideas