May 15, 2019 (Vol. 26, No. 10): PEOPLE

New Member Profile: Ryan McGinnis

My name is Ryan McGinnis, and I’ve been a library employee in La Grande for the last 20 years, and a fairly new-minted MLIS from San Jose State University!  I’m married, with 1 kid, two dogs, and a cat. I like to dream about restoring a classic car someday…I own/have owned a couple different cars, including my current project car, a ’73 450sl.

I’ve worked, in addition to the library field, in business, landscaping, as a DJ, and in private security.  I grew up in a military household, and have lived on the eastern and western coasts of the US, but my favorite, and longest term living has been in Oregon, and particularly Eastern Oregon!

Right now I’m the Libraries of Eastern Oregon Representative for ODLC, I’m on the ODLC Executive Committee as an Executive Committee Member-at-large, and I also serve, currently, on the User Council of the Sage Library System, a 77 member resource sharing consortium based in Eastern Oregon, as Council Chair!

My work in the La Grande Public library primarily revolves around technical (cataloging and acquisition) and IT services and, as a small library, daily front-line patron service time, along with all the other staff!  My current project is establishing the library’s 3d Printing service program, via creating and commencing our basic instructional course for creating projects for said printer, as well as creating documentation for policy and permissions for use of the printer!

One of my favorite recent reads was IQ by Joe Ide, and I just found out that a sequel exists, so I have some future reading to do as well!  I’m also interested, if I can find time around other library-related activities, in serving in some capacity with OLA’s public library and technical services divisions some day!