May 1, 2019 (Vol. 26, No. 9): PEOPLE

New Member Profile: Pia Alliende

I am Pia Alliende, as an occasional blogger and instagrammer also known as la intervencionista. I have dedicated my entire life to education, especially to giving young people and educators the tools to become agents of their own learning, through critical thinking, creativity and a good dose of humor.

I am a school librarian, workshop leader and collaborator of the International Baccalaureate, observer, and interventionist. Lover of the bike, peace, justice, and life. I belong to a drama group (Jujuruju Teatro) and participate weekly in a creative writing workshop.

Currently, I am living in Spain but planning to return to Central Oregon this summer after being laid off by my district in 2009. Even though it was heartbreaking at the time, it gave me the opportunity to open my wings and show my family the world.


Originally from Chile, now I am a citizen of the universe, but determined to find a librarian job in Central Oregon again. I have an MLIS from Catholic University of America (DC) and a MA in history from SUNY at Stony Brook. I also have a teaching degree and MA in history from Chile, and a virtual teaching certificate from UC Irvine. I have written three books in Spanish about obscure histories of Chile (trains, a pharmaceutical company, and a religious tradition). I worked in education for more than twenty years, and as a librarian since 2006, when I got immersed also in the IB world. I have worked for eight years at a wholly IB PK-12 school in Seville, Spain.

In 2017, to have more flexibility (my dad was getting very sick in Chile and our kids had returned to the US for college), I decided to join my husband’s family business, GringoCool, of exporting to the US and offering on Amazon and own online store hand-painted ceramics, and extra virgin olive oil from Southern Spain. I help him with orders, blog articles, promotions, research, databases, visit to the factories, and social media.

I am a proud mother of two bilingual college students.Our daughter is graduating from VCU this May with a dual major in Political Science and Economics, and a minor in Arabic. Our son is in the Civil Engineering program at Montana Tech.

Currently, I am reading Las Maldiciones by Argentinian author Claudia Piñeiro, and listening on my phone to Caperucita en Manhattan by Spanish author Carmen Martín Gaité. I just finished listening to Raymond Carver´s story The Cathedral, and George by Alex Gino. I would love to collaborate in any OLA initiative, especially if they are international and/or Latinx related.

I am attending OLA-WLA Conference in April but our big move across the Atlantic will be hopefully this summer. Our two dachshund dogs, Clyde, a 12-year-old Oregonian, and Buck, our Andaluz,  will join us on this journey. They will miss the Spanish sun for sure, but we know they will love to chase deer in search of green leaves that enter in our premises at the Crooked River Ranch.