May 1, 2019 (Vol. 26, No. 9): ASSOCIATION NEWS

Pearl Award

Greg Williams, the former Library Network Manager of Libraries in Clackamas County (LINCC), was presented the Public Library Division’s Pearl Award at the OLA-WLA Conference in recognition of his efforts to transform the library system.

Greg brought perseverance, a solid vision, dedication, and inspiration to his role with LINCC. Greg guided a large group of independent and autonomous city libraries and library directors to be a cohesive, well-functioning, strategic leadership team.

He implemented a $2 million radio-frequency identification and automated material handling system project as well as a centrally managed wifi network for the consortium, resulting in significantly improved service provision to library patrons. His behind-the-scenes efforts also included supporting the Library District Advisory Committee, helping the group thrive through a reorganization.

Greg now serves at the Deputy Director of Business and Community Services for Clackamas County.

The Pearl is annually given to an Oregon library employee who has worked tirelessly from the inside and demonstrated excellence, like a pearl honed into a gem over time.