January 1, 2018 (Vol. 25, No. 1) OPPORTUNITIES FOR ENRICHMENT

Library Freedom Institute
Now Accepting Applications

The Library Freedom Institute (LFI) is an IMLS-funded collaboration between NYU and Library Freedom Project. We’ve created a privacy-focused six-month program for librarians to teach them the skills necessary to thrive as Privacy Advocates; from installing privacy software to influencing public policy. It’s completely free for participants, and the first cohort will begin in June 2018.

Participants will spend five hours per week on a combination of readings, webinars, exercises, class discussion, and assignments. LFI is a free online course with one in-person requirement, which will take place on a weekend in New York City. There is no cost to this program; including the weekend in NYC. LFI is primarily seeking public librarians, but we welcome applications from all librarians who do outreach in their communities.

See the Library Freedom Project website for more information.