December 1, 2017 (Vol. 24, No. 22) PEOPLE

New Member Profile: Kris Jones

While I didn’t start out in life to be a librarian, I am grateful for the opportunity on a daily basis. I am currently the Library Technician for Crook County Middle School in Prineville, Oregon. With a background as a Certified Agricultural Education teacher and FFA Advisor, I came into this position by chance when it opened up at my daughter’s school. With a tremendous leadership team, supportive staff and great set of kids to serve, I have had a wonderful first year.

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In 2002, I stepped out of the teaching arena to focus on raising my family and our small farm.  During that time I was blessed to take up freelance writing for regional and national agricultural publications as well as serve the livestock industry in a variety of volunteer and leadership capacities. Today, I still write for publications as well as travel across the country throughout the year to show our family’s registered Lincoln sheep.

My current hobbies seem to be providing support services to keep our family engaged in their many activities as well as ensuring the farm runs smoothly. With a husband who is a busy teacher and soccer coach working in a nearby community and both of my girls involved in a variety of activities, it seems as if we are always on the go. While I always joke our busy family life is in a perpetual state of functional dysfunction, the truth is our crazy schedule keeps us living life to the fullest.

I love to read motivational leadership-based articles and books and keep up with the latest concepts of digital brand marketing. I have had the opportunity over the past several years to take courses in this area as well as attend VidCon in Anaheim, California for the past two years. With a Minor in Political Science from Oregon State University, the dynamics of decision making and marketing have always intrigued me.

As I have looked into continuing education opportunities in the library field, the idea of information systems technology certainly piques my interest as well as teaching youngsters to expand their horizons through a better understanding of communication systems. 

Through the support of the staff, I now offer a variety of interesting lunchtime programming through community partners and fun activities as well as guest speakers. I am looking forward to expanding my horizons in this area; I had a wonderful time exploring the new world of library sciences at the fall conference in Portland. I feel the horizon in this field looks bright and allows me to explore an innovative and creative side while enjoying a number of fabulous young people and colleagues on a daily basis. As I ponder my journey over the last year and into the future, I feel very blessed to call myself one lucky librarian.