October 15, 2017 (Vol. 24, No. 19) ASSOCIATION NEWS

Summer 2017 issue of the OLA Quarterly: 

Critical Librarianship

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The Guest Editor of this issue is Elsa Loftis, Director of Library Services at the Oregon College of Art and Craft and past president of the Oregon Library Association.

From Elsa’s introduction, “So, what does critical librarianship mean, exactly, and how is it practiced? To think about this, we look at librarianship through a lens of critical theory and understand that there is a certain amount of activism implied. To embrace critical librarianship means that you believe that libraries should work for social justice (and figure out ways to actually do that work). Critical librarianship also invites library workers to consider how our institutions and our roles have enforced or at least complied with systems of oppression, both in the past and now.”

There are six new articles that cover many aspects regarding Critical Librarianship.  Please read and share this issue widely!  We hope you like it.

To read and download, please visit the OLAQ website.

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