April 15, 2014 (Vol. 20, No. 8) People.

New Member Profile: Angelica Novoa De Cordeiro

My name is Angelica Novoa De Cordeiro. I started working at Canby Public Library as Bilingual Library Assistant in 2010. I live in Canby with my husband and my pet Lucky, a parakeet that adds some noise to our quiet house.


My background does not have much to do with libraries but a lot with helping people. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and attended  a Master program in Psychotherapy in Mexico. While attending undergraduate school I worked in a preschool daycare center as a teacher’s aide. I worked as a psychotherapist for several years and also worked as a junior high and high school teacher in a private school. Before I moved to the US, I did ten months of volunteer work in a nonprofit organization in Tijuana, Mexico, where most of the population are immigrants from Mexico and many other countries from central and South America. I arrived in California where I worked as a babysitter for a multicultural family. (The father was a Japanese second generation immigrant and the mother emigrated from Ethiopia.  In 2008 I moved to Oregon and worked as a Spanish teacher at a multicultural private school.

I have several hobbies. In the summer, I enjoy the outdoors.  I walk to work, go kayaking, fishing, camping, and enjoy all the other fun things that you can do in Oregon. During the winter, I spend my time inside building puzzles and reading. I like to read nonfiction, but I also enjoy fiction. One of my favorite fiction authors is Kate Morton. I enjoy reading in Spanish and English but I find that I do not enjoy reading translations as much. I like living in Oregon; nevertheless, I still miss the warm weather and the city of Guadalajara.

Working in the library has given me the opportunity to meet and learn from lots of amazing librarians. As part of my work I have had the incredible opportunity of attending Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL /Feria Internacional del Libro). I found that Guadalajara FIL is a great place to do networking with public and academic librarians from different places in the US who are working on Spanish collections and doing outreach to the Spanish community. In addition to FIL Guadalajara I have learned much from networking with OLA and with national and NW REFORMA participants. I would love to see an Oregon REFORMA Chapter. I encourage all of you who work with the Spanish population to make it happen.  It would be wonderful to have an active REFORMA group from which we can learn and have support and also have retreats close to home (Oregon).

The years that I have worked in the community where I live have been delightful. I find it comforting and homey. Seeing the people that I serve at places like the store, the park, the pharmacy, places aside from the library or my outreach events; makes me feel a part of the community. I have become friends with people from all kinds of backgrounds. It makes me want to do my best for all of them. I love to work for my community.