February 15, 2012 (Vol. 18, No. 4) – Association News

OLA Special Election

Michele Burke

Following the recent resignation of Robert Hulshof-Schmidt from the office of OLA President the Association Executive Board took the following action under the leadership of new president, Abigail Elder.  In order to have a new president by this September the board directed that a special election be held immediately to fill the Vice-president / President-elect office.  The Nominating Committee was charged with finding two candidates to stand for election to the now vacant position, formerly held by Elder. In accordance with OLA bylaws this election will be held in February and March with the ballot being sent to the membership electronically.  The successful candidate will serve as Vice-president/President-elect for the remainder of this year and will be OLA President during the 2012-13 membership year.

Garrett Trott

The Association was very fortunate to have two individuals step forward without hesitation when they were asked to run; Michele Burke, Reference Librarian at Chemeketa Community College and Garrett Trott, Reference/Instruction Librarian at Corban University.  In keeping with our recent past practice of alternating presidential candidates from the public library and academic/special library spheres we will have two academic librarians on this ballot since the sitting president is from the public library sector.

This “special” election is to address the immediate vacancy caused by a resignation and does not eliminate the need to hold the regular election of officers following the spring conference in Bend.  The OLA membership is asked to be watching for the ballot that will be appearing soon in an e-mail via Memberclicks.

Rob Everett & Emily Papagni
OLA Nominating Committee

To Merge or Not to Merge?
As the Annual OLA Conference nears, the Hotline will publish a series of articles examining the proposed Oregon Library Association/Oregon Association of School Libraries merger.  The first installment comes to us from  OASL Past-President Ruth Murray, the second from OLA Past-President and member of the OLA-OASL Joint Committee on School-Public Library Cooperation Mary Ginnane.

About two and a half years  ago, a group of librarians representing OASL and OLA started meeting. At that time the discussion included talk of a possible merger between our two organizations. Those talks led to a proposal of such a merger, a proposal we put before our OASL membership at our 2010 Fall Conference.  At our  all-membership business meeting at the 2011 Fall Conference an overwhelming 95% of our voting members voted to become a division of OLA. We are thrilled to gain the vote of confidence from our membership and are hoping you will consider voting in favor or allowing us to join you.

Why would you want us? Because we believe that combining all of the library associations in Oregon can only make us stronger. It will give us a louder voice. A merger will allow us to work more closely on the goals we both hold dear.

Significant Reasons for an OLA-OASL Merger:  (From the Merger Proposal)

  • To create an organization that promotes information literacy and reading motivation for all Oregonians, from birth through adulthood.
  • Cost-sharing of association management and organization infrastructure (i.e., bookkeeping, web and membership management, lobbying activities, etc.)
  • Seamless advocacy, coordinating all library efforts and maximizing our strength in numbers
  •  Joint membership on committees like Oregon Authors, Intellectual Freedom, and Legislative committees, expanding the pool of knowledgeable staff contributing
  • Joint support of reading awards like the Oregon Readers Choice Award, the Beverly Cleary Readers Choice Award, and programs like the Oregon Battle of the Books and The Oregon Summer Reading Program
  • Cross-library input into information literacy guidelines and standards for students from pre-kindergarten through their college years and beyond, enhancing opportunities for collaborative skills development
  • Shared experiential knowledge between types of libraries such as managing volunteer programs, teaching information skills, and managing collections
  • A global perspective about all types of libraries and the continuum of service fostering a richer library experience for all stakeholders
  • Future collaborative projects between divisions

It’s important now, that your voice is a part of this decision. If you would like to read the actual proposal, there is a copy on the OLA website http://www.olaweb.org    Questions? I would be happy to field them and if I can’t answer them, I will find those who can. Please take the time to study this issue and cast your vote at the Bend OLA conference.   Ruth Murray, Past President- OASL   murrayr@pdx.edu .

We Heart School….

librarians, teacher-librarians, school library media specialists, school library assistants!

The OLA election to accept or reject the merger of the Oregon Association of School Libraries into OLA will be held at the business meeting (Thursday, April 26, 2012 lunch) at the Annual Conference in Bend. Taking place at a conference with the theme of Oregon Libraries: Right at the Heart of Things this vote offers OLA members the chance to put their hearts on their sleeve and embrace a new division in the organization. Divisions have successfully been integrated into OLA’s structure before — there is every reason to believe that merging OASL should be just as successful and beneficial
to all. The OASL membership has already approved merging at their October conference. April will be OLA’s chance to vote. The ballot resolution will be communicated in advance to OLA members. Upcoming Hotlines will remind members of the vote and feature the benefits.    Mary Ginnane, Past-president, and the OLA-OASL Joint Committee on School-Public Library Cooperation.

Register Now for the 2012 OLA Conference
Take advantage of early registration rates now through March 16th for the 2012 Oregon Library Association Conference.  The 2012 OLA Conference will be April 25-27 at the Riverhouse Convention Center in Bend, Oregon.

Robert Killen, Executive Director of the City Club of Central Oregon will be the keynote speaker. Robert Killen will be speaking on –Building Dialogue in the Age of Demons.
Stephen Abram, Author and Information Futures will be the banquet speaker.  He will be speaking on –Light ‘Em up!  The Future of Libraries.

Riverhouse hotel conference rates are good through Saturday April 28th so you can enjoy more of beautiful Central Oregon!  Don’t forget when you call the Riverhouse to let them know you will be attending the OLA Annual conference.  More information is available at www.olaweb.org/page/conf2012.

Honors and Awards Nominations Sought
It’s time to honor your library colleagues!

Yes, it is time to think about who has done an outstanding job or taken on a project or been responsible for a success in our libraries this year!    Tell us about those talented, dedicated individuals whose commitment to excellent library service has made a difference.   The OLA Honors & Awards Committee want to know who those individuals (or groups) are and we want you to tell us!

Nominations are open for the following awards:

  • Oregon Librarian of the Year
  • Library Employee of the Year
  • OLA Distinguished Service Award
  • Library Supporter of the Year

Nomination letters (with no more than six letters of support) are due Friday, March 23, 2010.

These awards will be presented to recipients at the 2012 OLA Annual Conference Luncheon Banquet in Bend on Friday, April 27, 2012.

Here are the details on each award:

1. Oregon Librarian of the Year may be awarded to any Oregon librarian who has been working in an Oregon Library for at least two years in a paid professional position.  The nominee must demonstrate excellence in library service in his or her community and to Oregon libraries.  The nominee must be a member of OLA.

2. Oregon Library Employee of the Year may be awarded to any Oregon library staff member who has worked in an Oregon library for at least two years as a paid staff member and demonstrated excellence in library service in his or her community.

3. Oregon Library Association Distinguished Service Award may be awarded to any Oregon librarian or library staff member, who has been in the profession for 15 or more years, has worked in Oregon libraries for at least ten years, and is currently a member of OLA, for exceptional service over a period of years.

4. Oregon Library Supporter of the Year may be awarded to any volunteer, volunteer group, library Friend, board member, government official, or other individual who is not a paid library staff member and who has demonstrated excellence in supporting and promoting Oregon libraries.

Complete awards guidelines are available at  http://www.olaweb.org/mc/page.do?sitePageId=58280&orgId=ola

Your letter of nomination should include the following information, if pertinent, and be as informational as possible:

* Provide nominee’s current position
* Past positions held and summary of major accomplishments
* OLA activities: committee appointments, etc.
* Brief description of noteworthy accomplishments
* Your name and how you can be reached if the committee has questions

Please send nominating letters and supporting letters by Friday, March 23, 2010, to
Leah Griffith, HAS Chair,  leah.griffith@newbergoregon.gov  or via USPS to Newberg Public Library, 503 E. Hancock, Newberg,  OR  97132 .  Questions?  Contact Leah via email or at 503-537-1256.  The HAS Committee is looking forward to your nominations.

“The what?”, you ask?

The answer: The 2012 OYAN You’re Excellent Award!.  If you know someone that has made a difference for teens, we want to hear about it.  The OYEA! may be awarded to an individual, library, organization, program, or initiative that has made a positive and significant contribution to teens in libraries in the state of Oregon.  The honoree will receive an engraved plaque and a $100 donation to the teen service program of their choice.  If needed, funds are available to ensure that the honoree attends the 2012 OLA Annual Conference to receive the acknowledgement of their peers.

Nominations for this coveted award are open until March 31st.  Please include the following:
Nominee’s name
Nominee’s contact information
Description of the nominee’s positive and significant contributions to teens in libraries in the State Of Oregon
And any accompanying letters of support (okay to send them separate from the nomination).
Mail or email your letter of nomination and letters of support (we especially like ’em from teens) to:  Susan Smallsreed, Northwest Library, 2300 NW Thurman St., Portland, OR 97210 or susansm@multcolib.org.

Dear OLA Public Library Division member,

Do you know a fellow public library employee who has demonstrated exceptional effort and excellence in public library service this past year? Do you know someone who took the bull by the horns and got the job done? Do you know someone who has made significant achievements with little formal recognition? Do you want to help a great staff member receive that recognition at OLA? Would you like this great staff member to win up to $500 to attend OLA?  

Please help us recognize this person with the OLÉ award. Do so by providing  a brief bio of the nominee with their significant and concrete achievements over the past year on the nomination form available here.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Public Library Division board and the award will be presented at the Public Library Division banquet on April 25.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.   Nominations must be received by February 17, 2012.  Ted Smith, Director,  Newport Public Library, 541.265.3109

The Oregon Legislature is in Session
Funding for this year’s Ready to Read grants is still up in the air as we wait for the Legislature to decide on the level of cuts to the State Library.  The checks that went out in December were $.86 per child.  This might go down to $.69 if the proposed 3.5% cut goes into effect for the State Library.  We are hoping for the best.  So, this a great time to remind your legislators of what you do with that money!  There’s a new briefing paper on the OLA Legislative Committee’s website and the Ready to Read Grant Program annual report on the State Library’s .

The Work Group of Libraries and Archives has completed its work and sent the required report to the Legislature.  This is on the OLA Legislative Committee’s web page.  A hearing is rumored for Thursday February 16.

All notes from our regular meetings are available on the OLA web site if you are curious about what else we are talking about.  Our next meeting is March 12 from 10-12 at the State Library.  All are welcome.  Janet Webster.