May 1, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 8) – News

MLS Fundraiser a Success / Lampman Award / OLA Conference Materials Online

***MLS Fundraiser Success at OLA Conference
The OLA Past President’s group raised $700 at the OLA Conference, for the association’s MLIS Scholarship Program.  What great support for the scholarship program!

Thanks to everyone, who bought those colorful wristbands and contributed to this fun fundraiser!!  And a big Thank You to the Past Presidents of OLA who organized this very successful event.  The participating past Presidents included Mo Cole, Leah Griffith, Sara Charlton, Sarah Beasley, Mary Ginanne, and Aletha Bonebrake.

And thanks to everyone contributing to the scholarship fund when renewing OLA memberships.  Your contributions to theMLSscholarship program can be made when you renewing via Memberclicks, at, or by mailing your tax-deductible contribution to:

Oregon Library Association
MLIS Scholarship Program
P.O. Box 3067
La Grande, OR 97850

Gary Sharp, OLA MLIS Scholarship Program

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***2011 Lampan Award Winner
Librarian Hope Crandall of Washington Elementary in Woodburn has been awarded the 2011 Evelyn Sibley Lampman Award by the Children’s Services division of the Oregon Library Association. Announced at the Oregon Library Association’s annual conference, the Lampman Award is Oregon’s most notable and prestigious award for library service to children.

Hope dedicated her career to enhancing the literacy not only of her students but their entire families. Long before it was common practice, Hope included Spanish language books in her collection and held literacy events to encourage the parents, many of whom were migrant workers to share their higher thinking skills with their children. Hope was also instrumental in turning the Dia De los Ninos Dia De los Libros into a community wide event. She was also a founding member of the Oregon Chapter Of REFORMA and has served on numerous committees to bring services to Spanish speaking Oregonians.

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***2011 OLA Conference Materials Online
This may be the wettest spring on record, but the Oregon Library Association 2011 Spring Conference was anything but wet.  Presenters were on fire! True to the Conference Committee’s commitment to running a green conference, all of the presentation materials have been posted on Northwest Central so that anyone can access them easily and at no cost to the environment. All conference resources have been tagged “OLA 2011”, so just plug those terms into the search box (once you’ve joined at to find conference materials.

Remember too, that you can use NWCentral to find upcoming trainings (free and for fee), archived presentations, and a whole host of library-friendly resources. Be sure to post yours there too to share with the rest of the Northwest Library community.

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May 1, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 8) – Happenings

***Oregon Virtual Reference Summit
Do you provide reference services? Would you like to spend a day in Oregon’s beautiful Columbia River Gorge engaging with colleagues about reference services, technology, and libraries? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, we have the event for you.

June 10th marks the date of the 6th Annual Oregon Virtual Reference Summit. This exciting one-day conference will engage all kinds participants, but is especially helpful for anyone providing reference services in any way, shape or form.

Sound good? Great! Take a peek at our trailer to get even more psyched about the Virtual Reference Summit. Want to know more? Read on!

The Virtual Reference Summit will feature Keynote speaker Jessamyn West, a librarian and blogger whose book, Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide, is forthcoming from ABC-CLIO.

Programs will include a session on the Gems of Oregon with a presentation by Terry Reese, who has been instrumental in Oregon’s newly launched Oregon Digital Library that highlights Oregon’s unique special and local collections; lightning talks by YOU and your colleagues; and other engaging and participatory sessions.

Oregon’s scenic Columbia River Gorge is at the height of its beauty in early June. Take the opportunity to engage with ideas, technology, your colleagues, and then explore the beauty of Maryhill Museum of Art, Stonehenge on the Columbia River Gorge, and more!

For more information and to register for the conference please visit our web site.  You can also watch for updates on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

See you at the Summit!

April 15, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 7) – News

Support Staff Certification Financial Assistance / OYAN’s OYEA! / OYAN Business Meeting and Book Rave

***Assistance Available for Library Support Staff Certification Program
The Support Staff Division of the Oregon Library Association (OLA) and the Oregon State Library are offering financial assistance to library support staff applying for certification in the American Library Association’s Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program.  The LSSC Program offers library employees the opportunity to achieve recognition for their experience, enhance library service, and increase skills and knowledge in areas like the foundations of librarianship, technology, and communication.  The LSSC Program is funded by a grant to ALA from the federal Institute for Museum and Library Services, and managed by the ALA-Allied Professional Association.

The Registration Assistance Awards of one-half of the registration fee are part of this grant. The Support Staff Division of OLA and the Oregon State Library will be offering four Registration Assistance Awards this spring.  The Awards are for $175, one-half of the LSSC registration/application fee.  Successful award recipients will be asked to pay the remainder of the registration fee with their own funds or funds obtained from other sources.  An application form to apply for the Registration Assistance Awards is available from the by Support Staff Division of OLA on their website: . The deadline to submit the application is May 6, 2011.   Support staff from all types of libraries are invited to apply. The recipients of the Award will be chosen by a random drawing before May 25, 2011.

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***OYAN Announces 2011 OYEA! Winner
On Thursday, April 7, Anne Tran, bi-lingual Youth Librarian at the Midland regional branch of Multnomah County Library was honored for her work with teens at a reception held at the OLA Conference.  The OYEA! is awarded annually to “an individual… that has made a positive and significant contribution to teens in libraries in the state ofOregon.”  The award includes a certificate, trophy and a $100 contribution to the teen library program of her choice.

Anne was nominated for having developed the largest teen council at MCL, for offering creative teen programs, and for her creative work on the MCL Teen Action Team.  Nominated by a colleague, Anne also received letters of support from three MID Teen Council members.  Teen Councilor, Cheryl Yee, said it all when she wrote,

“Anne deserves this award for loving her library, loving her volunteers, loving to read to children, and most importantly loving her job. I can’t think of another person that truly deserves this award and I hope she can be recognized this year. I personally am graduating high school this year and one of the things I will miss is being part of Teen Council with a friend like Anne.”

Congratulations, Anne!

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***OYAN Business Meeting and Book Rave
Come one, come all supporters of teens in the library to the April 29th OYAN Spring Membership Meeting!  The meeting will be held at the Fern Ridge Public Library in Veneta, Oregon, just down HWY 126 from Eugene. Starting at 11 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m., the meeting offers a chance to network, share resources and manage the business of the Division.  Lunch information will be posted to the OYAN blog and on the OYAN Facebook page.  Hope to see you there!

The 2011 OYAN Book Rave is now available!  Check the OYAN website, the OYAN Blog or the OYAN Facebook page for the 2011 OYAN Book Rave booklist.  Also look on NW Central for the PowerPoint presentation (including book talks!) made at OLA Annual Conference.

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April 15, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 7) – Happenings

MLA Webcast / Librarian Prom

***Medical Libraries Association Webcast
OHSLA (Oregon Health Sciences Libraries Association) and the RML (Regional Medical Library) will be hosting the MLA Webcast, “Shifting Skills to Navigate the Changing Horizon: Finding Our Way in New Biomedical Research and Health Care Environments” on Wednesday, April 20th  at the PSU Library from 11AM to 1PM.  It is open to all.

Please go to to register for the webcast in Portland.  OHSLA is providing lunch for OHSLA members and others can pay or bring their own lunch.

For more information about the webcast, go to

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***Library Prom
Emporia’s SCALA organization will be hosting the 3rd annual Library Prom on May 13th from 7-10pm. The theme this year is “Library After Dark” and the event will be hosted at the Portland Q Center (4115 N. Mississippi).

The event is $7 dollars at the door, or $6 if you RSVP (by emailing or RSVP on our facebook event page)

We would love to see as many folks there as possible, so please spread the word!  Thanks, and hope to see you there!

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April 1, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 6) – News

Another Volunteer Opportunity at OLA / ACRL –sponsored Sessions at OLA /  “I Can See Clearly Now:” DIGOR session at OLA / OLA Legislative Committee at OLA / OLA Outreach Round Table Business Meeting at OLA / Oregon State Library Session at OLA / OYAN-sponsored Sessions at OLA / OLA Raffle to Benefit OYAN / Past-Presidents Round Table Session at OLA / TSRT Sessions at OLA / CSD Elections

***Another Volunteer Opportunity at OLA
The OLA conference committee is looking for volunteers to watch the presentation rooms during the lunch breaks on April 7th and 8th from 12:30 pm -2:00 pm at the OLA conference.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Robert Pietz at (503)-378-2814 or

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***ACRL-OR-sponsored Sessions at OLA
Social Hour (Wednesday, April 6th):
Mix and mingle at ACRL Oregon’s reception from 5:00-7:00pm at Bentley’s Grill (conveniently connected to the Salem Conference Center)!


  • All Textbooks on Reserve in the Library! (Friday 2:00-3:30pm)

Using grant money, in the fall of 2010, Portland Community College Library tried an experiment at its Cascade Campus Library. It established the goal of the library having at least one copy of every required text for every course taught at the campus that fall. The concept was that putting the texts on reserve might reduce the environmental impact of students buying books, and it would provide immediate access to the texts for students waiting for financial aid.

This program will be in two parts- a ‘how we did it’ and a ‘what happened.’ The ‘how we did it’ will give details on how to manage such a project and lessons learned, and ‘what happened’ will present data on changes in circulation, gate count, and anecdotal evidence from the students.

  • Just Mash-it Up – Cool Tools for Collection Management (Thursday 11:00-12:30pm)

Data mash-ups (data sources pulled together to create new useful information) can be developed on either the local library level or by professional library groups to suit the needs of collection development librarians. Mash-ups are increasingly easy to produce and can be useful in working with faculty, informing collection analyses, and providing additional information during journal cancellation projects. Laurel Kristick (Oregon State University Libraries) will discuss an OSU project using Journal Citation Report and SHERPA RoMEO data to facilitate discussions with faculty to help them make informed decisions on depositing peer-reviewed journal articles in their ScholarsArchive@OSU. Robin Paynter will discuss the ACRL EBSS Psychology Committee Task Force project she lead which developed a new data-rich methodology to create the latest edition of the Committee’s longstanding publication, Core Psychology Journals.

  • Repackage! Repurpose! Aggregate! Leveraging Free Content (Thursday 4:00-5:15pm)

Attendees will learn how the free online Web Services ResearchRaven and ScanGrants were constructed using a modest amount of outsourced Web design help and free Web 2.0 tools (e.g., Twitter, FeedBurner, various social bookmarking services) and what it takes to keep such services running vis-à-vis staff time for data entry, quality control and marketing. Attendees will learn about how to leverage the massive amounts of free content put out by such entities as foundations, professional societies, disease advocacy groups, conference organizers, academia (and in coming years more and more data disgorgement by the federal government) in order to create free library services that can be shared with patrons, other libraries and with the broader world.

Ready to make the most of the coming data deluge as the federal government prepares to release data from across the scientific and public policy spectrum? Make your library a trendsetter in the development of free online services and see them adopted by libraries worldwide. Learn from the developer of ScanGrants and ResearchRaven how you can become your own startup and take back for libraries some of the space that Silicon Valley has captured in recent years. Let’s geek together and learn how easy it is to make cool services that serve the public and advance learning, scholarship and science.

  • They Blinded me with Science: Qualitative Research (Friday 8:30-10:00am)

Go beyond the standard patron survey and implement qualitative research methods, like focus groups, as collaborative research tools that can result in rich and nuanced patron data. But don’t stop there. Discover and practice strategies to quickly move projects from qualitative data gathering through preliminary data analysis to prioritized project recommendations. Learn to evaluate project data in terms of the funding and internal or external collaborations needed to move projects forward.

  • Watzek Rocks: Marketing the College Library (Thursday 2:00-3:00pm)

 Interested in better promotion of the Lewis & Clark College library, the Watzek Library Marketing Team was formed in 2004 to coordinate outreach to our primary clientele of undergraduates and faculty. Building on the team’s successes and with the subsequent creation of a librarian position with focus on library advancement activities, the library’s marketing approach continues to evolve. Additional constituencies, including staff, alumni and donors, are included and there is a developing partnership with the college’s division of institutional advancement. This session will discuss Watzek Library’s marketing successes and learning experiences and showcase our promotional materials.

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*** “I Can See Clearly Now:” DIGOR session at OLA
Sunshine week is over, but there are still opportunities to learn about government transparency.  Please join us at the Oregon Library Association conference on Thursday, April 7, in Santiam 5 at 4:00 for “I Can See Clearly Now: transparency in Oregon state government”.   

Michael Kron and Tony Green from the Oregon Department of Justice will discuss the history of Oregon’s public records laws, the conflict between records about government and records about individuals, privacy issues and the media, and the Attorney General’s current initiative to update Oregon’s laws.  Sean McSpaden and Marjorie Taylor from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services will give a tour of Oregon’s government transparency site, and show what’s available and what’s coming from

This program is sponsored by the Documents Interest Group of Oregon.

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***OLA Legislative Committee at OLA
Your chance to get the inside scoop on the Legislature!

Coming to the annual conference on Wednesday with nothing to do?  Come to the State Capitol for a tour, update on library issues and insight on the legislative process.  The OLA Legislative Committee is hosting a free event.  Meet us at 1pm on April 6th in the Capitol Rotunda for a personal tour lead by Nan Heim, the OLA Lobbyist and someone who knows all the nooks and crannies of the Capitol.  At 2, we’ll move to Room 102 of the State Library to learn where we are with library issues in this session. Then at 3, we can peak in on a hearing of House and Senate Health Care, House Rules, Ways and Means Joint Subcommittee on General Government. Come for whatever parts sounds intriguing.  We hope to have fun and learn a little more about what goes on in Salem.

And if you don’t enough politics on Wednesday afternoon, come to our session Thursday April 7th at 4pm – Legislators and Librarians: Mixing it up politically. We’ll have a couple of legislators on hand to talk about what’s going on from their perspective and answer your questions.  This should be a lively give and take.

Hope to see you in Salem!

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***OLA Outreach Round Table Business Meeting at OLA
The OLA Outreach Round Table will have the annual business meeting at the Conference on Thursday, April 7 at 5:30pm in Santiam 3 Room.

Purpose:  The ORT provides a framework for information sharing, continuing education and moral support for library workers currently providing outreach services; and to offer opportunities for networking and encouragement to libraries wishing to expand or develop library outreach services. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to library service to people of all ages who can no longer use a library facility due to either a physical or mental impairment, people who live in rural or remote areas without a library, non-English speakers, the incarcerated, the homeless, and low-literacy adults.  ORT costs only $5 to join 

For more information or to receive an agenda, contact OLA-ORT Chair, Cynthia Peterson

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***Oregon State Library session at OLA
Come play “What’s My Line” at the OLA Annual Conference to learn about LSTA funded programs in Oregon!

Session: What’s My Line? Library Development, the LSTA Five-Year Plan, & You
Date: Thursday, April 7th
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: Room Croisan A, Salem Convention Center

OSL’s Library Development team will kick off the session with an episode of “What’s My Line”? (yes, the TV game show!) based on the programs and services we offer, followed by a short, informational presentation on the current LSTA Five-Year Plan. The session will end with small-group brainstorming and sharing to provide input into what the 2013-2017 LSTA Five-Year plan might include. We encourage all levels of library staff from all library types, including Trustees and Friends of the Library, to attend.

Speakers: MaryKay Dahlgreen, Ann Reed, Darci Hanning, Jen Maurer, and Katie Anderson

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***OYAN-sponsored Sessions at OLA
OYAN invites you to participate in the following events at OLA 2011:

  • Need a good read for teens?  Then you need the 2011 OYAN Book Rave list!  Join us on Thursday, April 7 @ 11a.m. in Santiam 5 to hear the 20 best books of the past year.
  • All those in favor of youth, ages 0-18 are welcome at the joint OYAN/CSD Business Meeting & Reception on Thursday, April 7 @ 5:30 in Santiam 1.  We’ll network, schmooze, nosh, and celebrate the winner of the prestigious OYEA! (OYAN’s You’re Excellent Award!)
  • Welcoming teens to the library has garnered a lot of attention the past few years.  But does your library welcome pregnant & parenting teens?  Often stigmatized and unsupported, the library can make a difference in two lives, not just one with efforts to reach out to these young families.  Join us at 11 a.m. on Friday, April 8 in Santiam 6 for “Pregnant & Parenting Teens: The Hidden Constituency.”  This joint production of OYAN, CSD, and the Oregon Public Health Div – Office of Family Health will share current demographic information, discuss what these teens need, and explore what libraries can do to help.
  • OYAN is proud to co-sponsor Dana Campbell’s presentation on the “Amelia Bloomer Project: Getting Feminist Books into the Hands of Children and Young Adults”.  OYAN has provided financial support for Dana’s participation in the project for the past two years.  Join us in Santiam 1 on Friday, April 8 at 2:00 for this important presentation.
  • And finally, OYAN knows that future teens start small and may not have English as their first language.  Join Natasha Forester on Friday, April 8 also at 2:00 for “Little English Learners: Non-Native Storytimes”.

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***OLA Raffle to Benefit OYAN
Win fabulous prizes & support teen services across the state! Tickets are $5 each or $20 for 5. They may be purchased the week prior to the Conference online from OYAN’s webpage  and throughout the Conference from OYAN members or at the OYAN lobby table.

Winners will be drawn just before Friday’s lunch. Key winners will be announced at the lunch (like the Sylvia Beach stay). Potential winners may stop by the OYAN table following the lunch to check, otherwise email notices will go out over the weekend.

For more information, please contact Kris Lutsock at / ph: 503.435.5572 or K’Lyn Hann at / ph: 503.554.7732

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***Past-Presidents Round Table Session at OLA
Please join our session and panel presentation on Friday at 11:00 to learn more about being involved in OLA. OLA is only as good as the people who step up to volunteer for the positions which keep the organization going. It’s a tremendous honor and opportunity to serve OLA, but how does one go about it? What kind of toll does it really take on one’s real life and job?  We have a great panel line-up for you as well as results from our survey to share.

Just Say YES: Members Build OLA — OLA Builds Members
April 8th, 11:00AM

In a panel format past and present OLA leaders will define and describe what they really do. The OLA Association Manager will explain support provided. Official responsibilities and unstated expectations will be revealed. Actual time commitments will be acknowledged. Thrilling moments and lurid OLA secrets will be divulged. The ultimate questions “Why be involved” and “How to cope with being involved” will be answered. Audience participation will assist OLA in developing methods to mentor new leaders, advance them through the organization, and keep them involved over time.

Speakers: Robert Hulshof-Schmidt, Program Manager, Oregon State Library; Connie Anderson-Cohoon, Reference Services Coordinator, Southern Oregon University Library; Rick Samuelson, Youth Services Librarian, Washington County Cooperative Library Services; Shirley Roberts, OLA Association Manager and instructor at Eastern Oregon University Pierce Library, Kate Rubick, Instruction Services Librarian, Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark College; and Leah Griffith, Director of the Newberg Public Library, and Maureen Cole, Director, Oregon City Public Library.

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***TSRT Sessions at OLA
TSRT is sponsoring sessions that provide opportunities to learn more about RDA (Resource Description and Access), the new cataloging standard that may replace AACR2 in the near future.  There’s something for everyone — some sessions are aimed at catalogers, but one is for a general audience.

  • RDA in the Catalog: What Will Users Notice?  (April 7, 11:00)
    (General audience: public services, administrators)
    Libraries may be implementing RDA in the coming year.  What will users notice?  How are RDA records different from AACR2 records?   This program is geared for the non-cataloger and will focus on the changes users will notice in catalog records.  It will also provide a brief overview of RDA development and the reasons for the change from AACR2.   No knowledge of current cataloging standards or MARC required!  Speaker: Lori Robare.


  • RDA in Your Library: Implementation Issues  (April 7, 2:00)
    (Audience: catalogers, cataloging managers, systems staff) 
    What will be required to implement RDA?   How can catalogers and managers prepare for the transition?  This program will address some of the major issues, including systems issues (preparing the ILS for RDA data; options for public display of new fields); cataloging policies during the testing period (copy cataloging; authority control); training staff at all levels to work with RDA; and evaluating the impact of RDA records.  Speakers: Adam Schiff, Mary Grenci, Lori Robare.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Robare (  

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***CSD Elections
The Children’s Services Division is looking for people interested in running for CSD Chair Elect and for Summer Reading Chair Elect.  Please consider the following reasons for putting yourself or someone else forth as a candidate:

  • Free national travel with the possibility of chocolate
  • A 24 hour August break from summer reading, in a beautiful, quiet, shade-drenched destination
  • An additional (if temporary) title after your name
  • Your very own workshop to plan
  • Opportunities to rub elbows with library luminaries
  • Your name added to the roster of CSD stars
  • A hand in planning the annual conference
  • A crack at playing auctioneer
  • New information to sparkle your resume
  • It’s probably your turn

For more information about the positions, to express your interest or for interpretation of any of the compelling reasons listed above, please reply to CSD Chair, Krist Obrist at or 503.751.0182.

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April 1, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 6) – Happenings

Oregon Information Literacy Summit / Oregon Virtual Reference Summit / Parkinson’s Awareness Month at Your Library

***Oregon Information Literacy Summit
The 2011 Oregon Information Literacy Summit will be held Friday, April 29th at the PCC – Sylvania campus.
Register Now! Online Registration Form. ($25 general registration, $20 student registration- includes lunch)

Come discuss what your campus is doing, and take home new strategies to implement IL initiatives. For more detail about the Summit, visit the ILAGO site ( In addition to discussion about IL happenings and an optional lunch presentation, this year the Summit will include 4 topical workgroup sessions:

  • The Next Gen One-Shot: Information Literacy in the Disciplines

The work-group will kick off with live and video presentations by librarians and faculty highlighting the benefits and challenges of information literacy instruction in disciplines (outside of writing/composition courses).  Participants will then break into groups to discuss the opportunities and barriers presented by one-shot, discipline-based  library instruction.  Finally, the group will come together to explore the possibilities for identifying best practices in the design of discipline-specific one-shot information literacy instruction programs.  A culmination of the morning’s findings will be presented in the afternoon. Facilitated by Robert Monge and Kate Rubick.

  • Taking Credit–Building a “For Credit” Information Literacy Course

This work-group will present the process used by two Oregon community colleges to successfully implement Lib 127 and related courses teaching information literacy on a “for credit” basis.  Relative effectiveness of credit courses (compared to in-class sessions), pilot courses, assessment, committee approval process, department workload, participating in faculty and instructional culture, sample syllabi and online instruction will be discussed.  Participants will then break into groups to plan strategies for introducing credit IL to their institutions.  Participants will gain temporary access to current credit IL courses.  A culmination of the morning’s findings will be presented in the afternoon. Facilitated by Cat Finney.

  • IL in the Desert: Information Literacy instruction without a Librarian

In this workgroup participants will learn activities, assignments, and techniques for teaching IL outcomes without (or with limited access to) a librarian.  Participants will discuss providing instruction in traditional, online, and hybrid environments. Facilitated by Theresa Yancey and Jamie Zinck.

  • Assessment of IL in the Writing Sequence

This workgroup will talk about assessing IL outcomes in the AAOT writing sequence. We will discuss how schools are establishing program level assessment practices and infrastructure that are shared by more than one department, and various approaches for meeting the needs of new accreditation standards and unit plans in individual institutions. Facilitated by Eva Payne, Dorothy Moore, Siskanna Naynaha, Stefanie Buck, and Michele Burke.

Registration includes breakfast snacks and a buffet style lunch with vegetarian options. Register Now! Online Registration Form

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***Oregon Virtual Reference Summit
Registration is now open for the 2011 Oregon Virtual Reference Summit to be held June 10th at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in The Dalles, Oregon. The registration fee is $50. A limited number of scholarships will be available.

Join your peers to engage in learning, participate in great programs, see the sights, and hear Keynote speaker Jessamyn West.

Jessamyn West is a community technology librarian and a community manager at the massive group blog She lives in a rural area of Central Vermont where she teaches basic computer skills in an adult education program. She assists tiny libraries with technology planning and implementation, helping them with wifi and websites and making sense of their systems and is an “Intrepid part-timer” at her local library. She maintains an online presence at and and has had her address and phone number on the Internet for a decade. Her first book Without A Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide, is forthcoming from ABC-CLIO.

We also invite you to participate by giving a lightning talk and/or by participating in a chat transcript peer-review session.

For more information and to register, please visit the Summit web site:  and if you want to get a taste of the Summit, take a peek at our trailer:

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***Parkinson’s Awareness Month at Your Library
Every year, to commemorate the birthday of James Parkinson, the 19th century English physician who first identified Parkinson’s disease, April is designated as Parkinson’s Awareness Month.  Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly one million people in the United States and seven to 10 million people worldwide.  Although promising research is being conducted, there is currently no cure for or definitive cause of Parkinson’s disease.

During April, the Parkinson’s community makes extensive efforts to increase awareness about the disease and the resources that are available to those individuals living with it.  Are you interested in raising awareness in your library?  There are many ways to do so.  Here are a few suggestions from the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF):

  • Allow patrons to learn more about Parkinson’s Awareness Month and this debilitating disease by creating a Parkinson’s Awareness Month display in your library using free educational materials offered by PDF.
  • Utilize and share PDF’s print or online searchable database of national Parkinson’s resources at .  This directory offers listings of organizations, books and websites that can help people live better with Parkinson’s .
  • Host a Parkinson’s-themed book fair, or dedicate sections of your newsletter, website, and/or bulletin board to Parkinson’s Awareness Month.
  • Distribute free copies of PDF’s Parkinson’s Awareness Month action calendars for April 2012 (contact PDF at  or (800) 457-6676 to order your copy).
  • Invite your local Parkinson’s support group to provide an informational sheet about their meetings (contact PDF at or (800) 457-6676 to find a support group in your area).
  • Hold educational lectures that focus on Parkinson’s.
  • Display the Parkinson’s Awareness Month Poster(contact PDF at  or (800) 457-6676 to order a free poster).
  • Display a Parkinson’s quilt from the Parkinson’s Quilt Project (contact PDF at  or (800) 457-6676 for information about renting a quilt for display).

To learn more about Parkinson’s Awareness Month, to order materials or for more ideas on ways to participate in events this April, please visit or contact the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation at (800) 457-6676 or  We look forward to raising awareness together this April!

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