March 15, 2011 (Vol. 17, No.5) – News

Volunteer @ OLA / OLA Banquets / Vendor Relations PreConference / ACRL-OR Spring Elections

***Volunteer Opportunities at OLA Conference
Are you going to the Oregon Library Association conference and want an easy way to meet other attendees?   You might consider volunteering to help at the Registration Desk.   It is a great way to finally put faces to all those names you see floating around OLA communications!

Two hour shifts are available on Wed, April 6 thru Friday, April 8:

  • 8:00-10:00 am
  • 10:00-12:00 pm
  • 12:00-2:00 pm
  • 2:00-4:00 pm

If you are interested, please sign up by emailing me at the address below! Please provide an email or other contact info and your shift preference.  Can’t commit to two hours? The Conference Committee can still use your help! Just send me an email explaining your availability, and we will find a job for you!  Thanks in advance!

Arlene Weible
OLA Conference On-Site Registration Coordinator

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***OLA Conference Banquets
There’s still time to register for one or both of these GREAT banquets!

  • Wednesday, April 6, 2011: Public Library Division Banquet-Libraries: Essential for Learning, Essential for Life

The PLD Annual Banquet on Wednesday night is featuring Oregon’s own, Molly Raphael, ALA President-elect! This is a great opportunity to hear Molly Raphael’s take on what the future holds for libraries.

Libraries have had to change rapidly, particularly over the past two decades, in order to survive. As a result of the current economic conditions, we are witnessing even greater threats to our futures than we have ever experienced before. How can we position our libraries not just to survive but to thrive as we serve our diverse communities? What difficult choices will we have to make in the next few years to ensure that our value remains high for those we serve, no matter the type of library? Where and how can we find opportunities to move our libraries to a place where they are seen as essential for the future of the communities?

  • Thursday, April 7, 2011: OLA President’s Banquet

The OLA President’s annual Banquet features Dave Anderson, a nationally touring comedian.   He has performed at the country’s premier comedy clubs, including the world famous Improv in Los Angeles. He has appeared on numerous television shows such as “Star Search,” Showtime’s “Comedy Club Network,” and “An Evening at the Improv.” His comedy is heard around the world on Sirius and XM satellite radio.

Most recently Dave was a contributing writer for the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” He is currently co-host of the highly rated “Mark and Dave Show” on 1190 KEX in Portland and host of the long running morning television talk show “AM Northwest” on KATU TV.

Dave’s unique ability to blend clean, intelligent material with audience interaction has made him a favorite at corporate events and college campuses across America.

The audience plays a major role in Dave’s show. He has an amazing ability to turn ordinary conversations into hilarious comedy routines while remaining clean and inoffensive. The Oregonian dubbed him “The quickest wit around.” The San Francisco Examiner said he was “relaxed, likeable, and funny…” Willamette Week said, “he adlibs better than most comedians write.” Because of his quick wit and audience rapport, no two shows are ever exactly alike.

If you have already registered for the conference, you can use the meals only registration to register for these two meals. The registration page is at:

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***Attention, Future Librarians!  Managing Vendor Relations Preconference at OLA Annual
Take advantage of the student rate of $45.00 for ACRL Oregon’s preconference Managing Vendor Relationships!

OLA Preconference on April 6, 2011 (9:00am-4:00pm, lunch included) — Registration page

Moderated by Rachel Bridgewater (Electronic Resources Librarian, Reed College) & Rice Majors (Director, Libraries Information Technology, University of Colorado)

Rice Majors (Emporia SLIM alum) has gathered a top notch group of presenters and he and Rachel Bridgewater (another SLIM alum) will be moderators. The presentations and discussions will add to your working knowledge of the interplay between vendors, library software, and libraries in the following four sessions:

Panels & Speakers:

“Information-seeking behavior of library vendors”
Rice Majors, University of Colorado
Robert Allen, bepress
Marjorie McLaughlin, Innovative Interfaces

“Future of library vendors: new sorts of partnerships”
Carl Grant, Ex Libris
Andrew Pace, OCLC
Neal Block, Innovative Interfaces

“Partnerships with vendors: case studies & lessons learned”

“When is a vendor not a vendor?”
Steve Casburn, Multnomah County Library
Margaret Mellinger, Oregon State University
Steve Shadle, University of Washington
Margaret Bean, University of Oregon

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***ACRL-OR’s Spring Elections
ACRL-Oregon Members!  Looking for an opportunity to get more involved with an active professional organization and to work with a great group of people?  Look no farther! Run for a position in ACRL-OR’s upcoming spring election. The open positions are:

  • Vice-President/President Elect (3 year term)
  • 2 Members-at-Large (2 year term)

Position descriptions are available at the following link:

To nominate yourself, send an email with the following information to Michele DeSilva (

Please provide a biography that includes the following information (as applicable):

  • Your name
  • Your education–list in chronological order institutions attended, degrees conferred, and dates awarded.
  • Your present position–list your title, the name of the library and college or university and the dates of employment.
  • Previous positions, if desired–list no more than two, the most recent first.
  • Professional activities, such as memberships and positions held in national, state and/or regional library organizations (indicate name of organization, offices held   and dates of service).
  • Honors, special projects, publications, and/or presentations–list no more than two recent examples of each of these.
  • Candidates for Vice President/President Elect also need to include a Candidates’ Statement explaining why you would like to be elected, which should be no more than 200 words 


  • Vice-President/President Elect candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon and national ACRL
  • Member-at-Large candidates must be members of OLA and ACRL-Oregon

If you’d like to suggest someone for nomination, email that person’s name and email address to Michele DeSilva at
Elections will be May 1 – May 20. Let us know if you’d like to run by April 11, 2011!

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March 15, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 5) – Happenings

ACRL Virtual Conference / “Like” ALA

***ACRL Virtual Conference
Can’t make it to Philadelphia for the ACRL National Conference this year? Then consider joining your colleagues in Bend, Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Newport, or Ashland for the ACRL Virtual Conference!

This is free of charge courtesy of ACRL-Oregon! The Virtual Conference sessions are scheduled for Thursday, March 31st and Friday, April 1st.

Thursday, March 31

  • 9:00AM-10:00 AM
    Depending On Our Users: Collecting User Feedback to Assess and Improve Research Consultations
    Reference services are responding to the increasing size and complexity of the current information landscape in various ways. A new Research Center at the University of Denver provides students and faculty with hour-long, one-on-one consultations with a research librarian. The effectiveness of this model has been assessed with feedback data collected with SurveyMonkey. We will discuss how this robust data provides important insights into user demographics, user satisfaction, and student learning outcomes.
    Presenter(s): Erin Meyer, Student Outreach Librarian and Research Center Coordinator, Penrose Library, University of Denver; Carrie Forbes, Instruction Coordinator and Reference Librarian, Penrose Library, University of Denver
  • 10:30 AM -11:30 AM
    Training Volunteer Library Teachers: Novice to Professional in a Few Painless Steps
    Most library instruction programs are built on volunteer teachers. Building creative, professional teachers takes planning and commitment. This session will explore how to create a teacher training program that systematically supports novice teachers as they move towards being confident library instructors. The session will move from what makes a quality volunteer teacher to how to structure a teacher development program and end with how to successfully launch a program with no direct supervisory role.
    Presenter(s): Suzanne Julian, Library Instruction Coordinator, Brigham Young University
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
    Benefits and Challenges of Academic Librarians in Virtual Worlds
    Hundreds of institutions of higher education have an academic presence in virtual worlds (VWs), what is the librarian’s role? In what ways are academic librarians professionally involved in Second Life and other VWs? Is exploring Second Life and other VWs worth the time and effort? Why have many librarians taken the lead and/or supporting roles in VW environments on their campus? What are the challenges and benefits of this work?
    Presenter(s): Robin Ashford, Reference & Distance Services Librarian, George Fox University; Beth Kraemer, Information Technology, University of Kentucky; Diane Nahl, Dr., University of Hawaii; Denise Cote, Associate Professor, College of DuPage
  • 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
    Digital Library Interdependence: Building External Partnerships with Cultural Heritage Organizations
    How one academic library has groomed external relations with others outside its university to allow the rich cultural resources they own and manage to be preserved digitally and made available to scholars world-wide by means of a substantial digital library. 2011 marks the fifth year of this University s digital library and the announcement of the fifth major digital library partnership agreement, undertaking now to digitize another university’s world-class special collection of early printed bibles.
    Presenter(s): Darren Poley, Outreach lLibrarian, Villanova University

Friday, April 1, 2011

  • 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
    Integrating the Library into Online Courses
    What if you could bottle a little bit of the library into every online course? Libraries at three California State Universities are partnering with their campus IT departments to create a rich library environment in every instructor s course. Students can use library resources and services directly from within the online course container and librarians are provided with the power to take on an active role in online courses.
    Presenter(s): Susan Thompson, Coordinator Library Systems, California State University San Marcos; Thoreau Lovell, Head of Library Information Technology & Media Services, Leonard Library, San Francisco State University; Hillary Kaplowitz, Instructional Designer, California State University, Northridge; Danielle Skaggs, Coordinator of Online Instructional Design, California State University, Northridge; Christina Mayberry, Science and Engineering Librarian, California State University, Northridge
  • 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
    Listening to Users . . . Closing the Feedback Loop: Just Do It!
    Libraries can close the feedback loop quickly. Methods for realtime feedback and library responses, in use at a college library and a large university library, will be presented,including suggestion boxes and guestbooks, as well as usability studies, mystery shoppers, and informal student interviews. Often libraries focus on information-gathering rather than improvements and responses. If the response is not timely, “short attention span” customers may lose interest and feel as if their opinions do not count.
    Presenter(s): Meg Scharf, Associate Director for Public Services, University of Central Florida; Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian, Ithaca College
  • 12:00 PM -1:00 PM
    When Nontraditional is the Norm: Shifting the Instruction Paradigm for Adult Online Students
    Adult, online students may be invisible, but they are a potent force and will be for years to come. How much do we know about them, and do our instructional activities meet their needs? You ll learn some surprising truths about adult students in the digital realm, and learn how to apply the principles of andragogy to create effective library instruction materials for your adult, online students.
    Presenter(s): Erin Brothen, Education Librarian, Walden University; Erika Bennett, Information Literacy & Instruction Librarian, Capella University; Kim Staley, Reference Librarian and Liaison to the School of Public Service Leadership, Capella University
  • 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
    Checklist Manifesto for Electronic Resources: Getting Ready for the Fiscal Year
    Need to organize how you prepare your current, new, upgraded, or deselected electronic resources for the new fiscal year? Learn how to innovatively apply the principles of The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right and prepare a checklist to manage the myriad of tasks involved in this process. As a simple, but effective tool, a checklist will help you to make priorities clearer and prompt people to function better as a team.
    Presenter(s): Lenore England, Digital Services Librarian, University of Maryland University College; Li Fu, Digital Resources Librarian, University of Maryland University College; Stephen Miller, Associate Provost, Library, University of Maryland University College

State Locations

Please let us know what sessions you are planning to attend by filling out this survey (please paste link in browser window if necessary):

Additional questions please contact the individual site coordinators or feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Jane Scott
ACRL Oregon Board President

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*** “Like” ALA!
Four months ago, the ALA Facebook page had almost no fans, and is now up to 3,104. The I Love Libraries page had 24,000 and is now up to 29,072!

Head on over to Facebook and “like” ALA!  They would appreciate your helping to spread the word about these pages:

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March 1, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 4) – News

OLA Survey / Support Staff Scholarships / CSD Preconference / SSD Preconference

***Just Say Yes Survey: Thank You!
Two hundred OLA members responded to the survey about participation distributed by the Just Say YES: Members Build OLA-OLA Builds Members panelists. We were very satisfied with the return rate out of 904 members. Thank you! The survey results will be referenced at the conference workshop session and communicated more widely after the session. Attend on Friday, April 8th, at 11 a.m. for a revelatory and involving panel on participating in OLA!

Submitted by Mary Ginnane, member OLA Past-presidents RT,

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***OLA and OSL Offer Assistance for Library Support Staff Certification Program
The Support Staff Division of the Oregon Library Association (OLA) and the Oregon State Library are offering financial assistance to library support staff applying for certification in the American Library Association’s Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program.  The LSSC Program offers library employees the opportunity to achieve recognition for their experience, enhance library service, and increase skills and knowledge in areas like the foundations of librarianship, technology, and communication.  The LSSC Program is funded by a grant to ALA from the federal Institute for Museum and Library Services, and managed by the ALA-Allied Professional Association. 

The Registration Assistance Awards of one-half of the registration fee are part of this grant. The Support Staff Division of OLA and the Oregon State Library will be offering four Registration Assistance Awards this spring.  The Awards are for $175, one-half of the LSSC registration/application fee.  Successful award recipients will be asked to pay the remainder of the registration fee with their own funds or funds obtained from other sources. 

An application form to apply for the Registration Assistance Awards is available from the Support Staff Division of OLA on their website: . The deadline to submit the application is May 6, 2011.   Support staff from all types of libraries are invited to apply. The recipients of the Award will be chosen by a random drawing before May 25, 2011.

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***CSD Preconference at OLA Annual
On these wet, cold winter mornings, is it hard to paste that storytime smile on your face? Are you finding that your fingers just don’t want to play and your grumpies just won’t shake out? Don’t despair! An infusion of spring energy is right around the corner at Children’s Services Divisions’s preconference program: “Get Your Storytime Groove On,” on Wednesday, April 6, 2011, 9 am – 4 pm at the Salem Conference Center.

Spend the morning with Mr. Early Literacy Music, Jim Gill, and his Songs to Read, Books to Sing presentation. In the afternoon, Renea Arnold will show how to weave developmentally appropriate practices into storytime and Rosalie Karalekas will entertain and educate with fun and literacy rich musical activities. Sing, play, re-energize, and bring home lots ideas and knowledge to share with your storytime families.

For a complete description of this awesome preconference and conference registration information go to and follow the conference links. Register now!

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***SSD Preconference at OLA Annual
Please welcome back Dr. Anne Schauber for a pre-conference.  Dr. Schauber presented an insightful and well received OLA session in 2004, “Working with differences to build inclusive communities”.  She is a long time diversity educator, having served for many years as State Diversity Leader for OSU Extension Service.  She is currently an emerita professor at Oregon State University and works with Caracolores, LLC —

Oregon Library Association’s Support Staff Division proudly sponsors  Dr. Anne Schauber’s pre-conference workshop titled “Stepping Stones to Inclusive Communities: Communicating Effectively in a Multicultural Workplace.”  This workshop will provide you with new ways to understand cultural differences you encounter with co-workers and clientele and provide you with ways to communicate respectfully and effectively across these differences.

Date: April 6, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM or half day 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Price: Full day $85.00 or half day $65.00

The morning session will help librarians and library staff strengthen their cultural awareness and competency, and afternoon session will deal with cross-cultural recruitment, hiring, mentoring and retention.

Please consider signing up for this preconference.  Dr. Schauber is amazing!  You won’t be disappointed.  You will come away from it with valuable insights, motivation and tools to help with fostering a healthier multicultural library community.  Visit to register.

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March 1, 2011 (Vol. 17, No. 4) – Happenings

LNet Training / ALA Councilor Blog

***LNet Training in Bend
Introductory training on L-net, Oregon’s Statewide Virtual Reference Service,  is scheduled for:

Friday March 11, 9:00 – 4:00
Deschutes Public Library
601 N.W. Wall Street
Bend, OR 97701

The training is for librarians who plan to take shifts staffing L-net’s chat, texting, and e-mail reference service.  Librarians will receive training on L-net’s software, and instruction on techniques for communicating effectively online with patrons and providing reference services online.

There are two ways to get involved with staffing L-net:

  1. Partner libraries: Reference staff at Oregon libraries may staff the service as partner libraries.  Librarians at partner libraries staff the service at their libraries.
  2. Volunteers: If you have reference experience, you may apply to be a volunteer.  Volunteers typically staff the service from home computers.  If you would like to participate in the volunteer program, contact me for information about how to apply to be a volunteer.

The training is free, but space is limited and advance registration is required.  If you would like to attend, contact me and let me know if you would like to staff L-net at a partner library or as a volunteer.

Registration for this training will close on Monday, March 7. If you’re interested in the training, but unable to attend on this date, please contact me.  I’m continuing to schedule additional trainings around the state.

Emily Papagni,

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***Oregon’s ALA Councilor Blog
Curious about what happens at the American Library Association Council meetings?  Want to know what your OLA representative to the ALA did while at the ALA Midwinter meetings in San Diego this past January?  Check it out at the ALA Oregon Chapter Councilor blog (  Future reports form ALA Conferences will also be added to this blog.  If you have questions, want to know how I voted, or have input on future agenda items for the ALA Council, feel free to comment on the blog or send me an email. 

Hannah Gascho Rempel (

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