January 15, 2008 (Vol. 15, No. 6) – President’s Message

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“We position ourselves to be where our users are physically and virtually and strengthen resource accessibility through use of innovative technologies … We carry the stones from the path of tradition and place them on the path to the future.” (excerpt from the Vision Statement developed by participants in the 2008 PNLA Leads, the Pacific Northwest Library Association’s biennial Leadership Institute.)

Inspiration struck me recently in the beautifully worded vision statement from the PNLA Leads Institute held in October 2008. Emerging leaders are thinking about access in the broadest way possible. Fortunately, OLA is sprinkled with emerging leaders who are helping juice up our services. January kicks off the availability of a major new technology application for an OLA service. The Oregon Authors website is now available at www.oregonauthors.org. It is a fantastic upgrade from the path of tradition (the printed Oregon Authors bibliography) to the path of the future offering enhanced and enriched features. Thank you to Kim Willson-St.Clair, Chair, and the entire Oregon Authors Committee for the vision and implementation. Take a look at the Oregon Authors website and be inspired by emerging leaders and grateful for federal funds! The site was built with assistance from an LSTA grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services awarded by the Oregon State Library.

Mary Ginnane, OLA President


One thought on “January 15, 2008 (Vol. 15, No. 6) – President’s Message

  1. How sad that the OLA Conference is in Salem and the Salem Public Library is losing the director of the Library. The position has been eliminated and her last day is Friday Jan 23. Plus with reorganization it will no longer be a separate department but will be folded in under administration of Community Services. As I work in a university library, I know how important any library is to a community but obviously in a severe economic crisis, the libraries are not immune to budget reductions. I fear that as the recession deepens more and more libraries will be so underfunded that closure may be all that remains. I am sure you and others are aware of this. But it is so sad, nevertheless.

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