June 15, 2008 (Vol. 14, No. 16)- OLA News

New OLA Officers Elected / New OLA Round Table / Advanced Reading Copies of Stubborn Twig / Support Staff Division Conference: Breakout Preview / ACRL Election Results / Support Staff Division Seeks Candidates

***New OLA Officers for 2008-2009
The OLA Election is over. Congratulations to our new Officers for 2008-2009!

-Vice-President, President-Elect Connie Anderson-Cohoon from Southern Oregon University
– Secretary Bill Baars, from Lake Oswego Public Library
– PNLA Representative Dana Campbell, from Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

We had a great slate of candidates. We should feel very proud that such qualified members of the Oregon Library community stepped forward to offer their names for leadership. On behalf of OLA, I personally want to thank each candidate for his and her willingness to serve. It is people like you who make possible the success of our organization.

And thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for our association’s leadership positions for this year. I would also encourage anyone who is interested in expanding his or her participation in our dynamic organization to get in touch with our incoming President, Mary Ginnane at Eugene Public Library. OLA has many Committees, Task Forces, Divisions, and Round Tables, where your talents would benefit our community.

— Aletha Bonebrake, Past-President, Nominating Chair 2007-2008
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***OLA has a New Round Table
OLA has a new Round Table! It is for retired library staff and library supporters who are still members of OLA but don’t really have a spiritual home in the panoply of Divisions, Task Forces and Committees or other Round Tables. Of course many of us retirees still serve on committees, show up for legislative day and help at conference when we can, but a group at OLA Convention this year, in a moment of inspiration, thought that there was a need for a camaraderie in the strange state of being retired as well as a clearinghouse for expertise that can be offered as mentor or friend to other members, and, as interest dictates, as supporters of OLA political advocacy activity.

Therefore, this inspired group of creative leaders, hanging around between sessions and dinner at (you guessed it!) a bar, wrote a petition for the establishment of W.A.R.R.T. as OLA’s newest round table. The petition named Aletha Bonebrake, the only retired librarian present at the time, as the first chair. The hope is to develop communication among retirees by e-mail, keeping up on needs of the Association for mentoring of members and for helping out whenever possible by involving ourselves in supporting the political action that OLA deems important. There may well be other interests and challenges that will become part of our goals, but they must evolve.

Now that you know the purpose, I can reveal the name behind the acronym. We are the Wise and Retired Round Table – W.A.R.R.T.. The bylaws were approved by the OLA Executive Board at their June 6 meeting and it is now open for business. If you would like to participate (for free!) please e-mail me, alethaboneb@msn.com and we can begin a conversation.
— Aletha Bonebrake, Chair of W.A.R.R.T.
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*** Advanced Reading Copies of Stubborn Twig
Oregon will be reading Lauren Kessler’s “Stubborn Twig: Three Generations of a Japanese-American Family,” starting January 15, 2009 as part of the State’s sesquicentennial celebration.

Mark your calendars for the kick-off event at Portland State University, the evening of January 15, Ballroom, Smith Union Center.

If you are interested in reading Kessler’s “Stubborn Twig” this summer to start planning your community program, you can buy the Oregon Historical Society’s trade edition from OLA for $12.00. Checks can be made out to OLA or you can purchase copies with a credit card at the OLA website:


Please note that this is not the order form for the OSUPress special edition of “Stubborn Twig” that will be reprinted in September 2008. This special purchase is an OLA fundraiser that supports the Oregon Reads 2009 program: http://oregonreads2009.org/

— Kimberly Willson-St. Clair, Chair of Oregon Authors Committee

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*** Support Staff Division Conference: Breakout Session Preview


Newport, Oregon is awaiting you at the 2008 OLA Support Staff Division Conference! Here’s a sneak peek at one of the featured breakout sessions available to conference attendees:

Join us for an informative and interactive presentation designed to help you help yourself in the office work environment. While this quick course in General Office Safety and Ergonomics will not prepare you to complete assessments for others, it will help you in your daily work routine.

Mike Wolff, Senior Safety Management Consultant from the SAIF Corporations State Agency Customer Service Team enjoys a good interactive discussion and will allow time to address specific questions from participants.

Topics will include:
Common hazards around the office
What you can do to keep yourself and others safe
A discussion about basic workstation ergonomics

Visit www.olaweb.org and click on the EVENTS tab to register. See you at the beach!
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*** ACRL-Oregon Election Results
ACRL-Oregon Election results are in.  Congratulations to the incoming members of our board:

Our new VP/President Elect is:  Rachel Bridgewater, Reed College

Camila Gabaldon, Western Oregon University
Laura Zeigen, OHSU

Thank you also to the outgoing members of the ACRL-Oregon Board:

Past President, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Western Oregon University
Eliz Breakstone, University of Oregon
Dan Kelley, Lewis & Clark College

Community Colleges Representative:
Theresa Yancey, Chemeketa Community College

Thank you for your willingness to serve!

— Stephanie Michel, ACRL-Oregon President
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*** OLA Support Staff Division Seeking Nominations!
The Oregon Library Association Support Staff Division (SSD) is seeking nominees for the following positions on the SSD Executive Committee.  These are all great positions and a wonderful way to get involved with SSD and the Oregon Library Association.  If you would like to run for office or would like to suggest someone as a potential candidate, please email Suzanne Sager at sagers@pdx.edu by May 31, 2008.  If you are nominating another person, please include contact information.
Chair Elect (3 year commitment)-Serves as Chair-Elect in the first year, SSD Chair in the second year and Past-Chair in the third year.  The duties of the Chair-Elect include assisting the Chair; becoming familiar with the by-law and procedures of the Association and Division; Chairing the SSD meetings in the Chairs absence; and serving as the Chair of the SSD Conference Committee.  The duties of the Chair include assuming responsibility for the general direction and program planning of SSD; attending the OLA Executive Board meetings as a voting member and reporting on the activities of SSD.  The duties of the Past Chair include serving as the Chair of the Nominating Committee; securing a location for the following year’s conference and attending OLA Executive Board meetings in the Chair’s absence.
Treasurer (2 year commitment)-duties include maintaining records of all expenditures and profits for the division.  The Treasurer has approval authority for all expenditures below $250 and obtains the signature of the SSD Chair for all expenditures above this amount.
Recorder (1 year commitment)-duties include recording minutes of the SSD Executive Committee meetings and providing copies of the minutes to the members of the committee before the next meeting.
Archivist (1 year commitment)-duties include maintaining all historical data, scrapbook and photo album of SSD Conference and other events; and keeping copies of the conference program and accompanying material.

Thank you,
— Suzanne L. Sager, Library East, Cataloging’ Portland State University
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June 15, 2008 (Vol. 14, No. 16)- Happenings

Oral History at ALA Annual/ PNLA Registration / Willamette ESD offers E-Rate filing service

Attending ALA Annual in Anaheim? Add Your Story to an Oral History!
Capturing Our Stories: a National Oral History Program of Retiring/Retired Librarians is coming to the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim. We would like to invite librarians approaching the end of their professional careers to share their stories and be included in this oral history of librarianship.

Please visit the Stories website at http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~stories/ to view the complete program description and learn how to become involved. You may volunteer to be a part of the project at http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~stories/help/index.html .

There will be a workshop to learn more about oral history at the Annual Conference on Friday, June 27th. Lunch will be provided for participants who RSVP prior to June 10th. RSVP by emailing Stories@ischool.utexas.edu.

This is a wonderful opportunity to preserve our collective library wisdom.

Thank you,
— Loriene Roy, 2007-2008 President, American Library Association
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PNLA Conference 2008 – Libraries Go Wild! Early Bird Registration Ends June 27th
The call of the wild (librarians)!
Come and share your adventurous spirit as we sharpen our sticks, send our smoke signals, climb mountains, blaze trails, and yes—even sample bear stew!
You won’t want to miss Libraries Go Wild! Beyond the Expected! What’s more for those of you who take advantage of the early bird discount, you will be entered into a drawing for an Apple iPod nano – flash 4 GB – video playback! Get your registration in or postmarked by June 27.
Libraries Go Wild! (August 6-9). Online registration forms, Conference hotel information, and program schedules are now all available on the Conference Website at http://www.pnla.org/events/conference08/index.htm.
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Willamette ESD Offers E-Rate Filing Service to Libraries
The Willamette ESD is now offering e-Rate application services to Oregon libraries on a contract basis. 
My name is Sabrina Ganoe and I am the e-Rate Coordinator for Willamette Education Service District in Salem. My duties include processing the e-Rate application for our consortium as well as full service e-Rate application support to many school districts in Oregon. Willamette ESD provides these services on a contract basis to any eligible entity that needs help utilizing the program. We are now expanding our services to include Oregon libraries, and wanted to make you all aware of what we have to offer.
For those of you who may not know, e-Rate is a federal program that started in 1998 and is funded by the Universal Service charge that is assessed on telephone and Internet bills each month. The program is administrated by the Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC), and provides discounts to schools and libraries for their telecom and Internet services. There is a complex set of rules that govern the eligibility of each entity as well as the discount rate provided to them. The discount level ranges from 20% to 90%, and is determined by the percentage of students that qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program in your local school district. Here are some statistics:
There are 127 libraries in Oregon that may be eligible for e-Rate discounts. In 2007, only 36 of those requested a total of $328,712.41 from the program. In 2008, only 32 of those requested a total of $318,853.79 from the program. That means less than 1/3 of Oregon’s libraries are benefiting from this program.

The application process is tedious and in some cases it is perceived to be more work that it’s worth. That’s where we can help. Willamette ESD will handle all aspects of the application process, and can help you plan your purchasing activities in order to take full advantage of the program, and stay compliant with its rules. I work closely with your technology, procurement and finance departments to gather the necessary information to maximize the discounts you receive. In most cases, information can be gathered via email, fax, and phone; making it easy for your library to participate.

I really look forward to speaking with any of you who may be interested in obtaining our services. I can answer questions about the program, eligibility, and more. Check out the attached flyer for more information, and please feel free to contact me any time.

Sabrina Ganoe
e-Rate and Training Customer Service Rep
Willamette Education Service District
2611 Pringle Rd SE
Salem, OR 97302
P: 503.540.4495
F: 503.540.2962
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June 1, 2008 (Vol. 14, No. 15) – OLA News

OLA Officer Election / Legislative Day Report / Oregon Authors Bibliography / 2009 Mock Caldecott / SSD Conference

Election of OLA Officers – May 27-June 10 – Be Sure to Vote!

As an organization that is operated by elected and appointed officers, it is time for OLA to elect our leadership for 2008-09. Six members of OLA have agreed to place their names in nomination to you, the membership. They are all qualified and dedicated to library service. The balloting opened on May 27th and will close at the end of the day on June 10th. All members should have received an e-mail ballot with instructions on May 27th.

The election will take place via OLA’s MemberClicks site. Results will be announced in the June 15 Hotline.

Listed below is the slate of candidates. Full biographies are found on the ballot.

President Elect:

Connie J. Anderson-Cohoon, Southern Oregon University and

Jan Marie Fortier, Mt. Hood Community College.


Bill Baars, Lake Oswego Public Library

David Patterson, Crook County Public Library.

PNLA Representative:

Dana Campbell, Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

Dave Pauli, Hillsboro Public Library

We appreciate these individuals putting themselves up for election and OLA will be well served with whichever candidate receives the most votes. Questions can be directed to the OLA Nominating Committee Chair, Aletha Bonebrake (alethaboneb@msn.com)

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National Library Legislative Day Report

A contingent of 8 Oregon library association, library board and Friends members attended the American Library Association’s National Library Legislative Day on May 14, 2008 in Washington D.C. This is one day every year where librarians from all over the country climb Capitol Hill and advocate for libraries with our Senators and Representatives.

ALA offered a Briefing Day on Tuesday, May 13th providing training on the issues to focus on: federal funding for libraries through the Library Services and Technology Act, county payments that will help Oregon libraries like Jackson, Douglas, and Josephine Counties, funds for school libraries and requirements for school librarians (the SKILLS Act) to be included in the No Child Left Behind Act, telecommunications, “orphan works” (a copyright issue), National Security Letters and others.

On Wednesday, the 14th the Oregon contingent went to appointments with all Oregon’s Senators, Representatives, or their aides. The entire group met with the aide to Senator Smith. Then, grouped by congressional district visits were made with the Representatives. The day ended with the entire group meeting with the aides to Senator Wyden, who was able to stop by to say hi and talk informally about the status of county payments.

The timing of Legislative Day was interesting in this election year–everyone agreed that major library issues which are in bigger bills like the Labor-HHS-Education budget and the No Child Left Behind Act won’t be worked on until after the election. In that case a big reason for the visits ended up being relationship-building — letting the legislative aides know that when they hear from American Library Association lobbyists that librarians in Oregon trust ALA and believe in their perspective on the issues.

Representing Oregon were Janet Webster (OLA, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center), Jim Scheppke (OLA, Oregon State Library), Mary Ginnane (OLA, Eugene Public Library), Merrie Olson (OASL, Thurston High School Library), Amy Blossom (OLA, Jackson County Library), Doug Henrichs (Board, State Library), Anne Pearson (Friend, Multnomah County Library), Janeanne Rockwell-Kincannon (ACRL, Western Oregon University). Library associations like OLA, ACRL, and OASL and individual libraries have stepped up in recent years to fund participation in Legislative Day—a benefit in the long run to association members and their libraries.

ALA has posted a short video about National Library Legislative Day at http://www.wo.ala.org/districtdispatch/?p=501.

Mary Ginnane

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Oregon Authors Bibliography

Since the 1933/34 edition of the Oregon Book Blue was published with an article on “Oregon Writers of Today” compiled by the State Librarian, Oregon librarians have worked to recognize authors residing in our great state. This long standing tradition continues with the recent publication of the 2006-2007 Oregon Authors Bibliography, compiled by OLA’s Oregon Authors Committee.

Inside you will find entries, which include bibliographic information, ISBN, and price. There are special notations for Oregon subjects and children’s works.

An important collection development tool, the new double issue is available for $30 through the OLA web site:


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2009 Mock Caldecott

Please get out your 2009 calendar and save Saturday, January 10, 2009 for the annual OLA Children’s Services Division 2009 Mock Caldecott Workshop.

Nell Colburn, 2009 Caldecott Chair, and Steven Engelfried, former Caldecott committee member, will again lead the continuing education piece of this popular workshop, which will be held at the Salem Public Library from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The list of titles to be considered will be sent out statewide no later than December 2, 2008, giving participants nearly 6 weeks to find and read the chosen titles.

BJ Quinlan, bjquinlan@cityofsalem.net

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SSD Conference

Have you signed up yet for the 2008 SSD Conference in Newport, Oregon??

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the featured breakout sessions available to conference attendees:

Enjoy an Adventure with Multnomah County Library’s Zine Authors. Join Laural Winter, Reference Librarian and zine author, and Angela Wyrens, Operations Supervisor & zine author as they discuss how to bring zines into the library collection, services, outreach, and event programming. A “zine” is a small magazine produced by an individual or small group of people about a subject of personal interest.

Visit www.olaweb.org and click on the EVENTS tab to register. See you at the beach!

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June 1, 2008 (Vol. 14, No. 15) – Happenings

PNLA Registration Open/ Northwest ILL Conference / 2008 OCLC Western Digital Forum

PNLA Registration Open

Register now for the 2008 PNLA Conference in Post Falls, Idaho:
Libraries Go Wild! (August 6-9). Online registration forms, Conference hotel information, and program schedules are now all available on the Conference Website at http://www.pnla.org/events/conference08/index.htm.
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Northwest ILL Conference
Register now for the Seventh Annual Northwest Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing Conference, Alt.ILL : Alternative Models in Resource Sharing, September 18-19, 2008 at Portland Community College’s Sylvania Campus in Portland, Oregon!

The registration form is now available from the NWILL website: http://nwill.org/

Also check out the new Travel Information page with tips on getting to PCC “green” via public transportation, and an interactive Google map of hotels, restaurants and shopping centers that are a short drive or bus ride from the conference! http://nwill.org/other.htm

With a theme of Alt.ILL : Alternative Models in Resource Sharing, the NWILL conference brings the Rethinking Resource Sharing movement to the Pacific Northwest with a Keynote speech by Brenda Bailey-Hainer, the Chair of this groundbreaking initiative and President and CEO of BCR.

Our program will also include the following:

• Sharing More Than Books : Training Models for ILL
• Locating Obscure Documents
• ILL on the Cheap
• WorldCat Local
• Cool Tools (What the Big Guys Use)
• Innovations in the world of ILL: Worldcat Navigator
• Innovations in the world of ILL: Relais International
• Practical Sessions on a range of topics such as Custom Holdings, Wikis, and Copyright

Keep an eye on our website for program http://nwill.org/full.htm updates and the scholarship application, which will be online in mid-June.
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2008 OCLC Western Digital Forum
You are invited to attend the 2008 OCLC Western Digital Forum. OCLC Western is pleased to present the fourth annual OCLC Western Digital Forum http://www.oclc.org/western/digitalforum/default.htm on August 14-15, 2008, in Tacoma, Washington, at the Hotel Murano http://www.hotelmuranotacoma.com/. This year’s forum will focus on Making Digitization Count: Assessment and Evaluation Practices. The forum will feature national experts from the archival, museum and library communities who will discuss current projects to create and automate evaluation and assessment tasks for digital collections.
Three of these distinguished presenters include:

* Kate Haley Goldman (Keynote speaker), Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Learning Innovation, Annapolis MD
* Elizabeth Yakel, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Information
* Dr. Helen R. Tibbo, Professor, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The program will also explore how evaluation and assessment methods inform decision making for digital collections. Presentations will highlight national projects of significance relating to evaluation and assessment of digital collection users, 21st century learners and model practices for digital program assessment. The forum is designed to offer a smaller and more intimate meeting setting where participants can share knowledge and create networks with other organizations that are working to develop assessment and evaluation practices. It is an ideal educational opportunity for librarians, archivists and museum staff who are charged with creating digital access to collections. So please make your plans now to join your colleagues at this prestigious national event.

For more information about the 2008 OCLC Western Digital Forum and to register, please visit our Web page http://www.oclc.org/western/digitalforum/default.htm. We are looking forward to your active participation in this dynamic event. The OCLC Western Digital Forum is co-sponsored by the Orbis Cascade Alliance and OCLC Digital Collection Services.
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June 1, 2008 (Vol. 14, No. 15) – Contributions

Mrs. Ida A. Kidder has been elected librarian of Oregon agricultural college at Corvallis, Ore.

Essae M. Culver, New York ’08, has been appointed librarian of Public library, Salem Ore.

M. Hale Douglass, for many years librarian of Grinnell college, Iowa, has been elected librarian of the State university at Eugene, Ore.

Jeanette M. Drake, formerly librarian of Jacksonville, Ill., has gone to Oregon as librarian of the Oregon library commission.

(Public Libraries October 1908, p 334)


In a recent article in the Providence Journal, W. E. Foster, librarian of Providence public library, calls attention to the fact that there are 31,825 persons of foreign birth in that city.
The library from the first has had collections of books in various languages on open shelves in different departments for their use. Last year, however, all the books in foreign languages were brought together on the second floor and placed in charge of a special attendant who charges the books for circulation. Tables and low lights have been placed where they will facilitate the convenient use of the books. The attendant is expected to give as thorough assistance as possible, not only in the suggestion of books, but in showing what steps are necessary in order to take a book. In the case of Russian and Yiddish books, blank forms which are placed inside the book contain directions about taking out books printed in these languages. At present the books in various languages number 8000. Copies of the lists were sent to the principals of all the evening adult schools with an invitation to come to the library and use the books.

(Public Libraries, Nov. 1908, p 363)

Tony Greiner/Mary Grant greints@spiritone.com